Third World

3rd World Canada

Here is an article about a movie called THIRD WORLD CANADA!

Please read the article.

I am both excited and not excited about this movie. Excited to see that the conditions in which Aboriginals live in within Canada are being accurately displayed. Not excited about the circumstances surrounding the movie. Some people say, “that’s life!” Well, we NEED to change it.

Life should not be like this for anyone in a country that forced people to live in these conditions many years ago.

I remember I went to a healing circle here in London ON and heard a relative of my Uncle Max (imu RIP) say, “Natives were supposed to be extinct the year 2000” — among many other eye-opening things he said!

How would you feel to be apart of race that wasn’t supposed to be here for the past ten years?

For me, as an Aboriginal myself, I am not sure how to feel. Angry, sad, confused, lost, hurt. Not sure.

3rd World Canada

AN ARTICLE on 3rd world living conditions in Canada for Aboriginal Canadians!

This is appalling! What is even more crazy is the comments!

Education and Knowledge is power!

We need to continue to educate people in Canada and the rest of the world about the issues that Canada, a supposed “developed” and “better than the rest” country… If people from other cultures/countries saw how badly Aboriginals are treated in their HOMELAND, I wonder how many more would continue to come here?

Ignorant question. Probably.

The truth about Canada: many people came here from a different country that they like to call their homeland… Canadian Reservations are not an Canadian Aboriginal’s home!