I’ve never been to Egypt but….

I’ve never been to Egypt but apparently pyramids are built on the west side of the Nile River, which is where the sunsets (west side). This is also apparently, to the Egyptians, the side that signifies where life ends. I remember this from elementary school. The only reason I remember this because in the Native Culture, as I was raised, the western side of the earth indicates the “spirit world” where all the spirits go to rest after their life on earth has ended.

I was raised to pray towards the east, the sun rise, and not the west because that means you are praying to those spirits. I know these teachings and traditions differ amongst First Nations cultures/traditions because I was told by another person in Southwestern ON to pray to the west. I felt weird praying to the west (ultimately, I did pray after that person told me to pray, but I did not pray to the west…I prayed to the east, as I was taught/raised).

This is why I find my culture so confusing, yet so amazing.

How can two different cultures, from two different geographical regions have somewhat similar beliefs (That is that the west signifies the end of life or that the west is where spirits go after life on earth)?

I think that is neat…