“[Martin Luther King] has that awesome insight that white people would rather destroy democracy than have racial equality….We see it so clearly that people would rather have white supremacy and hierarchy than any other kind of justice. People really think that, “Justice!? Those negroes have had enough. We’ve given them enough!”…. but we do live in this space, black people, brown people of cognitive dissonance that we know white supremacy is real but at the same time we would like to walk in our daily lives as though democracy is real, justice is real, equality is real….There is something so almost unbelievable about his level of innocence, about the horrific nature of white supremacy because [MLK] really believes that whiteness will protect him, like you know that to me is like ‘wow, if someone can come from that time period and believe that whiteness will protect him.’ Then I think about our son, our brother, Trayvon Martin. What did he think would protect him? Did he think that he was in danger of losing his life or did he have that innocence again about whiteness?” — bell hooks @ approximately 36:49

Fuck. I love every bit of this video. Check it out HERE!

“I just want others like me to know that they are not alone. I walk with them and that everything will be okay in the end, and if not I will wait for you there behind the dark water.” – Michael 

This is only one of many amazing videos that you can view HERE. I thought to share this video and link to others because I wanted to share this project with you all. I was asked to transcribed for this project last summer and since then, I have learned plenty about Indigenous youth, Indigenous youth leadership, HIV prevention and how resilient Indigenous young people can be. I am very grateful for this opportunity to work on this project (Ps. Thank you NYSHN!).

A little more about this project, and as taken directly from the site, “Taking Action 2 is about Indigenous youth leaders building capacity and mobilizing action through digital stories and short movies. 17 youth leaders have created a digital story or short movie on their different journeys to activism in relation to HIV/AIDS. Click on the videos to view their stories.”

I thought I would share this amazing piece by my kickass friend!

As taken from the video description: Sâkihitowin Awâsis is a Didikai Métis Two-Spirit of the Carré Clan. They are a spoken word artist, community organizer, and writer who currently resides in the Anishinaabeg, Haudenosaunee, Wendat-Huron, and Attawandaron Peoples territories of Southwestern Ontario. You can read and hear more of their work at