State of Emergency

Here is a news article for you.

A community declares a state of emergency because of the amount of crime that has occurred and families fear their safety.

Obviously there is an issue with protection. Who provides? Where do you seek it? When is it available to them?

I don’t know or understand all the issues for this particular community. Committing an act violence is a difficult issue to understand. There are many circumstances surrounding an act of violence. Nobody wakes up on this planet earth and just declares one morning to “be violent.” There may be health issues, family issues, community issues, safety issues surrounding violence.

To say that this community may lack a police force (if it does) would be wrong. It is wrong because policing does not address the long term issues of violence. Besides, I believe that Aboriginals do not respond well to authority (based on my own experiences in my own life or from seeing experiences of others around me).

I do believe that this community needs help to act NOW! Perhaps, some sort of protective forces could be sent in. Say, Canadian Soldiers. How about instead of sending Canadian Soldiers to fight for democracy in the Middle East, the Canadian Government should send in soldiers to help protect its own citizens from other citizens on homeland!

I hope that this community seeks the help it can, and help address not just the short term issues of violence but also the long term issues!

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