Winter in London

I am in London ON right now. Today, the schools and almost everything is closed because of the snow falls within the past few days. I will admit there is a lot of snow out there. However, the need to call a state of emergency is out of whack! Click HERE to read an LFpress article about this.

There are so many other places in Canada that are worse of. If we still have power, and running water. We are OKAY! I believe some stores are still open like drug stores (probably so people can get their much needed prescriptions filled). We are OKAY! Click HERE for a previous blog on a state of emergency in a small northern community! THAT is a state of emergency!

I can’t believe that they would even consider calling this. I believe the new mayor of London probably just wasn’t ready for days like this.

Mr. Mayor of London ON: It’s called SNOW DURING THE WINTER! Trust me, it’s normal!

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