Here is an article titled No need to declare emergency over Ontario fires McGuinty says.

Yea, there is no need to declare an emergency. I mean there have only been …

  • 111 fires
  • 13 new fires
  • Over 480,000 hectares to date
  • Over 2000 fire personnel engaged
  • 621 out-of-province personnel
  • 17 heavy bombs, 4 light bombers, 90+ helicopters and other support aircraft
  • Oh and provincial emergency operations center is now operating at full activation and coordinating provincial efforts

Naw, we don’t need to declare an emergency. I mean most of these places are First Nations anyways. And what, First Nations have survived genocide, diseases, and residential schools. What’s a little fire gonna do?

Note: I don’t agree with McGuinty. Prayers to evacuees and their families. Let’s hope that this doesn’t get …ummm…too out of control….?!?!

To locate family members of evacuated communities in northwestern Ontario call Red Cross 1-866-356-3645 x 236

The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health (Ottawa) are desperately seeking speakers who can translate for them over the phone, (Ojibway/Oji-Cree/Cree). If you know someone that can help, share the info. They are dealing with an influx of people due to the Northern Ontario forest fires. Spread the word, help our brothers and sisters who are being displaced from their home. 613-748-0657 ask for Dominique.

Emergency Management Ontario


Going through drafts in my blog and found this draft. Enjoy my gorgeous readers!

On facebook today a friend posted a picture of a Fish and Chip place located in Lakefield, Ontario that had a sign posted in its window that said: No Natives. I found the article online titled “No Natives” sign taped to restaurant’s door.

I thought to myself: What does this business mean by Natives?

So, I looked up the definition of Native.

Noun: inhabitant, resident, local; citizen, national; aborigine, autochthon; formal dweller. Antonym: foreigner.

What does this sign mean? The place doesn’t want locals, citizens, or residents at the business?

I think the business is severely limiting their customer base only wanting to serve foreigners. Maybe there is an over abundant of foreigners in Lakefield, Ontario… I don’t know. Any Lakefielders out there that can explain to me the logic behind this sign?

Heritage Status? Indian Landfill?

Note: The title of this post is taken from the comments that were posted in the globe and mail article. Check out the article’s comments HERE.

This new post can be traced back to one of my first posts titled Helpless.

In my post I highlight the fact that Aboriginal title or rights claim are not a registerable interest:

At time of publication of Prof. Marguerite E. Moore’s Title Searching & Conveyancing in Ontario 6th ed. (April 2010), the Registry Act and the Land Titles Act “do not recognize Aboriginal Title or rights claims to be a registerable interest…[making] it extremely difficult to search for and [sic] identity potential Aboriginal claims.” (p. 503, Moore 2010).

And most recently, globe and mail article titled Widow Loses Court Challenge In Fight Over Heritage Status of Property. The title says it all. However in the article, it states even more,

“There was nothing on the land title to indicate the property had any archeological significance and it wasn’t registered as a heritage site.”

If land with Aboriginal interest is not registerable on titled in Ontario, I am sure that other provinces operate the same way. Just look at Oka, and other land claim disputes that occur across Canada. Wasn’t there a resort out west that had a public sign that shouted, “No Indians Allowed”? I believe so. With this post, let’s not go there.

There should be some sort of recognition of Aboriginal interest on title to land, even if it’s not registered/registerable. It should at least alert its owners or future owners when title is transferred, just like any registerable interest. It will probably avoid situations like this, and future situations that have current or future Aboriginal land claim/heritage (Never even heard of “Heritage Status” until now). Then maybe, it would lead to less dramatic disputes, and less court fees for everyone. Then maybe, the Aboriginals won’t look so much like the “bad guy” fighting for their land.

However, I can get why Aboriginal interest is not registerable on title. Some Land Claims can become pretty complicated, and take years to settle (Having to register Aboriginal interest may scare off potential buyers and reduce development…so it’s better in the long run to just develop on the land, deal with land claims later…instead of now). Did I also mention I suck at sarcasm?

But there should at least be some sort of caution on title, if current legislation isn’t going to validate it. Just a few simple words notifying purchasers/sellers to caution that there is an Aboriginal Interest on title. It may help reduce conflict…maybe?

Just a little suggestion.

PS. I know that this article has everything to do with the Heritage Conservation Act, and not Land Titles and that the incidence occurs in BC…but the fact that this land was not registered as a Heritage site and that the buyers were not aware of the land/site’s significance should be of importance–that means the land/site’s significant importance was not indicated on Title, like any other registerable interest. Heritage status, or Aboriginal interest. When I read this article, to me the bad guy in this picture appears to be none other than the Aboriginals. I wonder if this article could have been written without having to mention that it was an “Aboriginal site”? Just look at the comments under the article. I bet those would not be there if the word “Aboriginal” was not anywhere in the article.

Winter Survival

Project Winter Survival: providing winter survival kits to people on the streets in the GTA. Click HERE to read more about it.

This is just another great idea that just shows this disparity between rich and poor in Canada. Why not instead of giving them “survival kits” give them a bed to sleep and food to eat? I know it will cost more and yes taxes have everything to do with it. However it is ideas like these that just push the needs that really have to be addressed: why the homeless are really homeless. Additionally, it does not put them off in any better position then they are without the kits.

A quote on the website carefully pleads to the public for assistance based on the choice for homeless between “life and death.” Great choice of words. Prey on the hearts of the caring instead of the hearts of the logic. GIVE THEM A PLACE TO LIVE!

Winter in London

I am in London ON right now. Today, the schools and almost everything is closed because of the snow falls within the past few days. I will admit there is a lot of snow out there. However, the need to call a state of emergency is out of whack! Click HERE to read an LFpress article about this.

There are so many other places in Canada that are worse of. If we still have power, and running water. We are OKAY! I believe some stores are still open like drug stores (probably so people can get their much needed prescriptions filled). We are OKAY! Click HERE for a previous blog on a state of emergency in a small northern community! THAT is a state of emergency!

I can’t believe that they would even consider calling this. I believe the new mayor of London probably just wasn’t ready for days like this.

Mr. Mayor of London ON: It’s called SNOW DURING THE WINTER! Trust me, it’s normal!

Health Care Options

Well, I am presently working on my essay for my Sociology Class (which is a first year, introduction class). I also have the TV on (as usual). A commercial came on about Ontario and Health Care options.

Clearly this commercial was directed towards white OLDER males and females. As the actor in the commercial was a white, older male waiting to walk his daughter down the aisle (wedding aisle that is). It also featured a picture of Southwestern ON and the website has an image of Southwestern ON as well. How do I know this image is of Southwestern ON? No, not because I live in Southwestern ON but because it has signs highlighting the 400 highways.

This “Health Care Options” clearly discriminates. It discriminates by attracting people in South Western ON, one particular race, and probably only those people with a more Advance Health Insurance system than that provided by OHIP is able to actually receive better health care (and only those who can afford to travel to places offering “shorter wait times” as stated in the commercial.” Because we all know when your doctor (if you have one) asks you “do you have Health Insurance?”, he/she isn’t referring to the lovely health care options provided by OHIP.

Northern ON and people without additional health care, and people without the ability to travel (because of lack of travel funds or transportation options): your health care options really don’t matter. Be careful and don’t get sick or hurt yourself next time you leave your house!