Going through drafts in my blog and found this draft. Enjoy my gorgeous readers!

On facebook today a friend posted a picture of a Fish and Chip place located in Lakefield, Ontario that had a sign posted in its window that said: No Natives. I found the article online titled “No Natives” sign taped to restaurant’s door.

I thought to myself: What does this business mean by Natives?

So, I looked up the definition of Native.

Noun: inhabitant, resident, local; citizen, national; aborigine, autochthon; formal dweller. Antonym: foreigner.

What does this sign mean? The place doesn’t want locals, citizens, or residents at the business?

I think the business is severely limiting their customer base only wanting to serve foreigners. Maybe there is an over abundant of foreigners in Lakefield, Ontario… I don’t know. Any Lakefielders out there that can explain to me the logic behind this sign?

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