Here is an article titled No need to declare emergency over Ontario fires McGuinty says.

Yea, there is no need to declare an emergency. I mean there have only been …

  • 111 fires
  • 13 new fires
  • Over 480,000 hectares to date
  • Over 2000 fire personnel engaged
  • 621 out-of-province personnel
  • 17 heavy bombs, 4 light bombers, 90+ helicopters and other support aircraft
  • Oh and provincial emergency operations center is now operating at full activation and coordinating provincial efforts

Naw, we don’t need to declare an emergency. I mean most of these places are First Nations anyways. And what, First Nations have survived genocide, diseases, and residential schools. What’s a little fire gonna do?

Note: I don’t agree with McGuinty. Prayers to evacuees and their families. Let’s hope that this doesn’t get …ummm…too out of control….?!?!

To locate family members of evacuated communities in northwestern Ontario call Red Cross 1-866-356-3645 x 236

The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health (Ottawa) are desperately seeking speakers who can translate for them over the phone, (Ojibway/Oji-Cree/Cree). If you know someone that can help, share the info. They are dealing with an influx of people due to the Northern Ontario forest fires. Spread the word, help our brothers and sisters who are being displaced from their home. 613-748-0657 ask for Dominique.

Emergency Management Ontario

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