Jane Elliott: A Class Divided (Discrimination)

You can watch all parts by clicking on the video. Interesting video. She had done this in response to her student’s questions: Why was Martin Luther King Jr. killed? She thought, “How do you explain racism to children?”

For more information: Jane Elliott’s website.

Globe and Mail

It always so frustrating to see some of the stereotypical/ignorant/lack of education comments on such prominent newspapers articles, like that of the Globe and Mail.

It is even more frustrating that people don’t understand that what goes on in Canada, poverty, lack of opportunity, lack of education, lack of health care, unbalanced budgets, suicide, welfare issues, happens on First Nations but ten times worse.

Read this article and the comments posted.

People need to change the way they speak about any opposing culture, religion in order to avoid ignorance, racism, discrimination. EDUCATION IS THE KEY!

Health Care Options

Well, I am presently working on my essay for my Sociology Class (which is a first year, introduction class). I also have the TV on (as usual). A commercial came on about Ontario and Health Care options.

Clearly this commercial was directed towards white OLDER males and females. As the actor in the commercial was a white, older male waiting to walk his daughter down the aisle (wedding aisle that is). It also featured a picture of Southwestern ON and the website has an image of Southwestern ON as well. How do I know this image is of Southwestern ON? No, not because I live in Southwestern ON but because it has signs highlighting the 400 highways.

This “Health Care Options” clearly discriminates. It discriminates by attracting people in South Western ON, one particular race, and probably only those people with a more Advance Health Insurance system than that provided by OHIP is able to actually receive better health care (and only those who can afford to travel to places offering “shorter wait times” as stated in the commercial.” Because we all know when your doctor (if you have one) asks you “do you have Health Insurance?”, he/she isn’t referring to the lovely health care options provided by OHIP.

Northern ON and people without additional health care, and people without the ability to travel (because of lack of travel funds or transportation options): your health care options really don’t matter. Be careful and don’t get sick or hurt yourself next time you leave your house!