Crime Stoppers

I thinks it’s interesting when police give descriptions of suspects. I see this trend a lot: If suspect is white, no race is given. However, if suspect is non-white: race given. Is the public supposed to assume a suspect is white if no race is given? The problem: that would leave room for assuming a whole slew of potential suspects! I only write this after watching a crime stoppers commercial and a video screen shot of the suspect was shown. The suspect looked white. To me anyways. He did have on ski goggles, hood, hat and could barely see him but based on his build and skin colour I assumed he was white. He might have been asian, maybe native. Who knows. I wonder if the suspect was a particular colour, if the description would include the race. I know using race as a description would help locate the suspect. However, there is a lot of stigma attached to using race as a description, which indefinitely contributes to racism and stereotyping.

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