Should-be Banished

George Orwell wrote an awesome essay that has greatly affected my writing to this day. I first read this essay back in high school. It is called “Politics and the English Language”. Written in 1946, this is truly a classic essay and deserves anyone’s attention, especially if they want to write right.

Remembering this essay was sparked by viewing the list of words created by Lake Superior State University Students. This list of words are words that were often over used or created in 2010 as a trend. I believe lists like this are definitely related to the content of Orwell’s essay.

HERE is the list of these words for 2010 that has been compiled by LSSU students. I feel it would be unnecessary to write them in this post. The article presents them as the words should be presented. Enjoy and let’s hope the words and the trends they were used in are soon just 2010 memories.

Ps. It amazes me there wasn’t a number 15. Any word or phrased that can be related to Jersey Shore.

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