Bill C-31

An Act to Amend the Old Age Security Act.

This came into effect January 1, 2011.

I am not for criminal activity but the statements of HR minister Diane Finley: the bill is the right thing to do for taxpayers and victims of crime (as read in today’s LF press newspaper).

People over the age of 65 serving two or more years in a federal institution are prevented from collecting taxpayer funded pensions.

I question how these old age “criminals” once released (after serving or even if they are released earlier) will be able to live. They will probably need social assistance and also access services from social agencies: all of which probably taxpayers still more than likely contribute to.

Really, I believe it goes against the CCC: to rehabilitate the convicted, amongst other things the CCC does.

Does this mean that old age criminals should collect their pensions while in jail? No. But how is this alleviating problem for taxpayers. Clearly it is not. I believe it just creates a heavier burden for society and its members to care for old age citizens, criminal or not.

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