Dress Code for Sexual Assault

After reading Toronto police officer’s sex-assault remarks prompt reprimand, I am reminded of a story.

A friend of mine, who is a strong, bright, confident female, was once in the middle of a sexual assault investigation. She shared with me, at the time it happened, what one officer said to her. After being questioned for quite some time by two other officers, one of the officer remarks, in response to the question/answers was this, “Well look at what you are wearing.” She was done her shift at the local mall. She worked in a store that is known to cater towards “older women.” She was wearing a cardigan, a knee length skirt, and knee high boots. I hardly call that “asking for it. Even if she was “asking for it” because of the way she dress, that is the hardly the response/reply to be expected from a police officer.

It just turns my stomach upside down whenever I hear of stories like this and I am reminded how my friend was treated.

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