Can’t you just take a percocet?

I am watching Legally Blonde, my favourite movie. This has been my favourite movie since I was a young girl (well, younger than I am now). I never got one part of the movie until about three years ago. The part in which I am talking about is where Elle Woods’ friend says to her, “Can’t you just take a percocet?” Her friend says this to her after Elle Woods is dumped by her boyfriend whom she thought was going to ask her to marry her. Elle Woods decides to go to law school to try to win him back. I never thought this past was funny when I was younger because I never knew what a percocet was. Now that I am “older” and know what a percocet is… I still don’t think it’s funny, especially after witnessing some individuals struggle with their addictions and living in a city with plenty of visible drug use or drug-related behaviour in its downtown core. Welcome to my backyard.

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