Or as some people say nowadays … “Miigs” πŸ˜‰

I am writing this post because I want to say Thanks to all my readers. I started “Little Miss Kwe” in October 2010. 6 months later. I have written on an array of topics, some light-hearted… and some not-so-lighthearted.

I have received a lot of great feedback in response to this blog. It is exciting for me because I never expected anything from it. I didn’t expect anyone to read it (well, except for my loyal 4 readers a day… *ahem* Thanks to my family). It has been mentioned on APTN (and yes, even bad press is good press). Professionals have asked to read it. People who I don’t even know or have never met, message me and say they read a post I had written and they were inspired. And, this why I am thankful for my readers. You help share it. I didn’t expect any of this to happen and I certainly didn’t expect anyone to read it. But, it is exciting to see “Little Miss Kwe” being shared with others.

Now, I have 50-60 (at most 80) readers a day (I know to some that isn’t a lot … but to me THAT is a lot). On a slow day, 20 readers. I know that this blog is not representative of every single Aboriginal female out there, and I want my readers to know this. These writings are just of my own experiences.

If there is one thing that I want to say to anyone is this: go out and do what it is that you want to do (don’t wait for others). I wanted to start a blog for a long time. I never knew what I wanted to blog about but I wanted to do it. I kept asking others: what should I write about? What do you think about this topic? or How about this for a blog? Then one day, I just realized that I would write about what I know: my experiences as young Aboriginal female in Canadian Society. Then, “Little Miss Kwe” was born.

I have many other dreams, goals, and desires in my life (not just to write my own blog). I am working towards them each and every day. I believe that they will happen. The more I speak about them and share them with others, the more I feel that they are going to happen. So don’t be afraid to share your dreams with anyone else. Who knows you might meet someone one day who can help you or get you in contact with the right person? πŸ˜‰

But always remember: It is only you that can make your own dreams true…

Oh, and “Chi-Miigwetch” means “Big Thank You” as I was taught πŸ˜‰

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