Maclean’s Magazine Article: Underacheiving Boys

Today, sitting at the doctor’s office, I read a magazine article from Maclean’s titled “Are we raising our boys to be underachieving men? The social and economic consequences of letting boys fall behind.”

Some of the stats from this article include:

  1. On average, boys earn lower marks…
  2. study less…
  3. and are more likely to repeat a grade than girls.
  4. Young men are more likely to drop out of high school…
  5. less likely to graduate university than young women.
  6. They still dominate in engineering and computer science,
  7. Men are outnumbered in most professional programs, including law and medicine.
  8. The average Canadian university campus is 58 per cent female.
  9. At some schools, men only make up about 30 to 35 per cent of the students.

I only had one question after reading this article. It was this, Why don’t they write articles as to why women are still earning less in wages when compared to men, even when the average Canadian university campus is 58% female?

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