NDP & Aboriginals

A lot of crazy things have happened in the last little while… Things like:

  • A Royal Wedding between Royalty and a “commoner” Prince William & Kate…now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!
  • The Killing of Osama Bin Laden Good news, bad news situation for America: good news–he is dead. Bad news–they want revenge.
  • And Harper/Conservatives won majority with NDP as the official opposition I will admit that it was my first time voting and it was exciting!

This post isn’t about how many times I watched the Royal wedding or how I found out about Bin Laden’s death, this post is about the NDP as the official opposition.

I know that a lot of my peers have been sort of upset with how the government has treated/is treating the Aboriginal people. Not in the past, but present.

The NDP appealed to the Aboriginals. In fact, Jack Layton himself even mentioned building on relationships with the Aboriginal people in Canada. In fact, this was a big difference in comparison in his 2008 opening speech, where he said the following:

We can build a Canada that looks after one another – that is as compassionate at home as it is competitive aboard.

Instead of a place where our first peoples live in third world conditions.

Oh and when I speak of Aboriginals I know it is politically wrong to say it but I mean Inuit, Metis, Off-reserve/on-reserve, status/non-status. I know given the minority government then and him having to share the majority with another party wasn’t ideal. But let’s hope with this majority and his official opposition, real change can happen.

The only thing I have to say to my fellow Aboriginal people, this isn’t just a sitting and waiting game anymore. This is a game of action that needs to be filled with real change. Don’t be afraid to ask for change; seek change; and especially don’t be afraid to accept anything less than mediocre!

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