First Nations Under Surveillance?

“First Nations Under Surveillance”

There is this article floating around saying that First Nations are being watched by the Canadian Government. Not like a “oh look how cute” type watching. Rather more like “1984: Big brother” watching you.

I wrote earlier about Indian smokes and an advertisement published by the Canadian government. In the advertisement it states “cigarettes fuel criminal activity” and a picture of “Indian Smokes.” Check out those posts HERE. And, in my political science class, I remember reading a journal article that stated these contraband “Indian smokes” also fuel terrorist activity.

Okay people, we don’t need news articles telling us that “First Nations” are being watched if the Canadian government creates advertisements or scholars write journal articles that tell others these contraband cigarettes are fuelling criminal or terrorist activity.

Even the military had listed extreme Aboriginal groups as terrorists in their training booklet. This article was only publish last year in the Globe and Mail. Apparently, an apology was and is still supposed to be made for the slip up. You can check out this article and others related to HERE.

Furthermore, this article tells its readers that “INAC was given the lead role to spy on First Nations.” Yeah, sounds everyone is just doing their job…

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