Stuff White People Do…

This post is an ode to the book “stuff white people like” which I almost bought but didn’t because I thought I’d get bored right away (sorry white folk, the stuff you like isn’t that interesting to read about in a book I paid for… )

So I thought I’d write a post called stuff white people do.

These are things that I have been asked directly or things that have been said to me. Can’t say I am racist because I am just relaying what was said to me (what’s that saying again? Don’t shoot the messenger? Ya well: Don’t shoot the messenger)


Stuff white people do:

  1. Ask me if I speak Native. Native is not a language it is an ethnic group. The only way you can ask someone if they speak a “specific group” is if they are Italian, German, and I think Chinese (just to name a few).
  2. Speak to me in a Native language I do not know. Mohawk is not the same as Ojibwe. Just like English is not the same as French.
  3. Try to call me Pocahontas. Not. Cute. John Smith was in his forties and Pocahontas was in her teens when they met. Enough said.
  4. Tell me how many Native friends they have and even drop the names of a few after they tell me something borderline racist. Doing this is the equivalent of a white supremacist trying to rationalize his hatred towards a specific group then throwing in there “ya but I have a black friend.” It just sounds dumb. Oh and name dropping is never good especially if the Native is “famous” like Ted Nolan. “Oh ya, you know Ted Nolan?” I don’t know Ted Nolan personally or even had a conversation with him but you get my point.
  5. Telling me how many powwows you been to in the last month. Ok ok, I get it… Your more Native than I am!
  6. Try to tell me that Natives get everything for free and that we don’t pay taxes. Really we get everything for free? Shit, why am I working then and paying for everything…. Oh and why am I filing my taxes each year! That’s right, we don’t get everything for free and we pay taxes too.
  7. Look at me in disgust when I say “Tax exempt please!” Hey, don’t get mad at me, I didn’t sign the treaties or make deals with the Canadian government. I was just born Native.
  8. Tell me I don’t sound “Native.” Whaaachuuu talkin’ bout Willis! Oh wait, wrong race again.
  9. Tell me I don’t look “Native.” Note: I don’t know Spanish either.
  10. Tell me Natives have it easy. Everything isn’t what it seems people. Everyone has their own battles, their own stories…. Just take a chance to listen to them once in a while instead of talking about your own and making judgements.

Maybe you will be inspired. Native or not. White or not. Learn to listen šŸ˜‰

Stuff White People Like is also a blog and a book. Check out the blog HERE. You can also check out original “Fightin’ Whites” shirts HERE.


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