A poem: Here I am

This is a poem I wrote on the weekend.

Poem Title: Here I am

Here I am
It is warm outside
Sitting by the window
Is the only warmth from the sun
But it is cold inside
Cold door, cold walls
Cold blankets, cold floor
The floor is filled with pebbles
That are not really there
Black, orange, grey
Reminds me of the beach
Without any water
Now, my mouth is dry
“Excuse me miss
Sorry to bother you
But can I have some water”
You don’t have to say it
I already know it
You don’t really want to be here
I don’t want to be here either
But I have no choice
They have taken my clothes
My shirt, my pants, my socks,
my underwear
And my shoes
My ankle almost broken
Swollen and sore
I can’t have any ice
But I don’t mind
Because here I am
I’ve counted the stars
Same ones over and over again
Whoever said you can’t count the stars
That lie in the sky
Didn’t see the world from a window
Six feet above their bed
I have watched the sunrise
And the sunset
From inside my own head
But I don’t mind
Because here I am
It is cold outside
It is warm inside
Back on the other side
In my own bed

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