The Help

Here is a draft post that I never published at the time. I am going through my draft posts and deleting the ones I don’t want or editing the ones I would like to publish on … one day. Here is this particular post’s ‘one day.’

I am watching The Help today. I always like to rent movies whenever I’m feeling blue especially movies about real life. None of those fluffy, lovey-dovey movies. This movie reminds me of lady I met while on the greyhound coming back from Toronto. She asked me for help with trying to get to an address by bus. I was able to help her and get her to the correct bus stop. I told her she had to make a transfer too. During the rest of the bus ride, she shared a bit of her story.

She said she was working for a family, taking care of an older lady, and she continued to say “the father and son are doctors here in London.” I asked her how come she was taking the bus…the city bus to her destination. She said because that’s what they can reimburse me for. I asked her what did they reimburse her? She said, “Half the bus ticket.” That’s a whole $1.38. All I could do was shake my head. A family with two doctors couldn’t afford to pay for a cab fare her destination. It was also snowing out that night. Wet snow. We almost didn’t make it out of Toronto and back in London in time. So it was dark out.

The lady said she wanted to go back to school. She also said her family would pay for her to go back to school.

I always wonder if that really happened.

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