Scotiabank Waterfront Charity Challenge/My challenge

Well, today I am officially registered to run in the Soctiabank Waterfront Charity Challenge! I am really excited because three years ago, I set out to make this my goal–to run in this challenge one day! I decided to just do it over the last little while.

Since I am already sort of a runner, I decided to run the 5k (I normally run 5k-7k). This is something that really means a lot to me because running to me is a life saver. When I was 16 years old, I started running after my car accident because I was told that I could no longer train for boxing anymore–I had a brain injury and for obvious reasons, brain injury survivors cannot box. Running was an outlet for me. When I couldn’t handle my anger or my depression (which got worse after the sustained brain injury), I would go for a really long run/walk. It really helped with my stress.

Today, I try to run when I can; however, since not have a set schedule this summer, I really fell behind in a lot of gym time. So when I received the email from Second Harvest that they are looking for runners to be a part of their challenge, I decided that I would sign up. I spent that last little while getting over a minor bout of depression, but this has definitely helped a lot. The main thing that makes me feel really good about this decision is that I will be fundraising for this organization.

I have volunteered with this organization from 2009-2011. This is an amazing organization that started in 1985 and is apparently in its 26th year of operations. Conveniently, I will also be running for my 26th birthday (okay well, 6 days after my birthday–since the event is on October 14). The other amazing thing about this organization is that it was started by TWO WOMEN! Amazing! The organization collects excess or fresh foods from around the GTA area and delivers it to social service agencies like shelters in the GTA area.

Here are some facts on food rescue taken directly from their site:

There is actually enough food in the world to serve every one on earth. Food supply is not the problem, the issue is the distribution. Western countries produce 200% more food than we need. 40% of Second Harvest food recipients are children/youth. The social service agencies we deliver food to expect to see a 20% increased need for their services this year. 1 out of 3 children in Toronto live in poverty. Almost 40% of the people requiring food assistance are children. Close to 50% of food bank users are immigrants. Over 20% of food bank users have graduated from college or university. 30% of people in need of food assistance have a job. 25-40% of most fruit and vegetable crops are rejected by Western supermarkets.

For every dollar that is donated/raised, they turn it into two meals!

So help me reach my goal in raising $250.00 for the 5k runners before October 10 by clicking HERE. If you live in London ON and would like to sign the pledge form instead, let me know by commenting here or tweeting me @naomisayers00

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