Light skin

This video made my cry. 
I could relate not in that I have dark skin but that I sometimes don’t admit to being full First Nations. 
I don’t admit to being full native in many situations. I don’t admit it because I know that I can avoid the discrimination, the stereotypes, and most of all, I can avoid the racist comments. 
When I go on a date, if a guy asks me if I am native, I always reply “I am mixed.” It helps to avoid the comments like “Oh, can I call you my native princess” Yes that has happened. 
When individuals at previous places of employment would ask if I was native, I would say “Yes” and they would reply, “Oh well you are pretty for a native girl.” What does that even mean?!
I sometimes just let people assume I am something other than being full First Nations. I sometimes just wish people would see past skin color and race. 
The irony is that I sometimes wish I was darker so that I don’t have to lie about being mixed. Then again, I know that I am given the privilege to say that I am mixed. Yes, the privilege. 
The lighter the skin, the greater the privilege. 

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