Ben Harper

Something has happened in Alberta today (and it doesn’t have anything to do with Harper)

Did you read my last post titled PM Harper = Honorary Chief Harper?! No? Well, that’s okay.

This other event happened supposedly earlier this Monday morning. Like early 3 AM. According to CBC.

You can read that article titled “Boy, 5, fatally shot at Hobbema, Alta., reserve”

I found it quite odd that just after announcing his “Honorary Chief status” publicly all over his official site and on his twitter, that there was no message of condolences sent out to the family who lost a young child who is from another First Nation in the same province.

You can see below his twitter feed acknowledging his “Honorary Chief status” but no condolences for the family. Or am I missing something again? Screen Shot taken July 11, 2011 @ 7:06 PM.

Undermining one story. Highlighting another.

Do you think that Harper has the entire First Nations people in mind or do you think he is in it just for himself? Hmmmm…

Note: Condolences go out to the boy’s family. Definitely in my prayers. So young. So sad.

Dear Drugs

Dear Drugs,

I hate you. Yes, that’s right. I. Hate. You. Some people say that “hate” is a word much too strong to use, but if there was a word with much more stronger meaning for how I feel for you…I would use it.

You have stolen the souls of some of my friends. Heck, even some the souls of my friends’ friends. I will even admit, you were once my friend. There were at times you made me feel no pain. No tears. No memories. No anger. No hate.

Now that I have grown, I am not afraid anymore. Not even one little bit. Especially not even worried that I might lost a few friends based on my opinion about you and especially not even worried to tell the world that I hate you.

Note: This post is written after seeing the numerous tweets and facebook updates that my friends have posted/shared regarding loss of their friends. Prayers to those who lost anyone to drugs/alcohol and prayers to those who need help to get past using these substances. Below is a video I love and thought it went well with the post because really… The drugs don’t work.