Dear Drugs

Dear Drugs,

I hate you. Yes, that’s right. I. Hate. You. Some people say that “hate” is a word much too strong to use, but if there was a word with much more stronger meaning for how I feel for you…I would use it.

You have stolen the souls of some of my friends. Heck, even some the souls of my friends’ friends. I will even admit, you were once my friend. There were at times you made me feel no pain. No tears. No memories. No anger. No hate.

Now that I have grown, I am not afraid anymore. Not even one little bit. Especially not even worried that I might lost a few friends based on my opinion about you and especially not even worried to tell the world that I hate you.

Note: This post is written after seeing the numerous tweets and facebook updates that my friends have posted/shared regarding loss of their friends. Prayers to those who lost anyone to drugs/alcohol and prayers to those who need help to get past using these substances. Below is a video I love and thought it went well with the post because really… The drugs don’t work.

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