Bad Sugar: Water Rights and Diabetes in Arizona

Here is a short clip of the film “Bad Sugar” that I had the opportunity to watch tonight. The University of Western Ontario Indigenous Health and Well-Being Initiative was able to bring in the filmmaker who is also an Ojibwe/Metis. His name is James Fortier.

This documentary is unique in a sense that it talks about the “social determinants of health.” Things like poverty, low income, unemployment, education and how it may contribute to “bad health.”

It also uses the word “Genocide” where apparently I learned tonight that in the USA this term is not allowed to describe the historic relationships between the Indigenous people and white new-comers. Just another fine example of how history is told through the eyes of the non-Natives/white people.

I could not find a full clip of this film but I urge anyone who is able to have to opportunity to see it, to go and see it.

Diabetes is not just an issue here in Canada for Indigenous peoples, but all over North America aka “Turtle Island.”

Check out the documentary’s website HERE.

Check out the filmmaker’s website HERE.

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