In my life, there have been many ups and downs.
I have been taken advantage of, lied to, beaten, spit on, called names, tripped, used, and raped.
What continues to amaze me everyday is that I still manage to wake up,
Even after I prayed to the Creator to take me away.
I know that the Creator has bigger plans for me!
I know that sometimes waking up is hard to do.
I know that sometimes getting out of bed and having a shower is the hardest task in the world.
That is depression in a sentence.
I know that it is the moment I get out of bed,
that I am going to have to complete the day.
I can’t come back to my bed until I complete my tasks for the day,
even if it is just to have a shower, eat breakfast, and go for a walk.
It is literally the one moment where I think to myself,
“You have come to far to throw it all away” that saves me from…
I am trying to believe in the Creator again.
I used to believe the Creator meant nothing.
I used to believe He just created everything and just let it be.
I now believe that He gave us this wonderful thing called life to learn from and to grow from.
We must learn and grow to pass on beliefs and values to our young ones.
It is the young ones that will see the change we are working for today.
We must realize the power we have to change and the power to influence the future generations.
We have power.
We have power.
We have power.
We have power.
When we becomes me, we have nothing.
Share your knowledge,
Share your experiences,
Share your space, and share your lessons learned.
This is power.
The Creator gave us life.
We give ourselves the power to continue to live.
That is what living really is.